Kitchen Tips: How to Slice a Mango

I love eating mangoes. I often get the pre-cut frozen chunks and eat those, but that is expensive. I used to hate peeling and slicing fresh mangoes and worried that I’d cut myself handling the slimy things. Then I learned how to do it properly.
sliced mango
First, you need to  find a ripe mango. Look for ones that are colorful and mostly red and yellow but still firm. There can be a little bit of green color, but the more red and yellow they are, the better.

Don’t try to peel the skin off of them, that just makes them harder to handle. As you will see from the picture, you will be cutting segments off from around the pit, then scoring the flesh, turning it inside out, and pushing the chunks off the skin.

Start with the “cheeks” of the mango. First, make a shallow cut along the base where the stem was to make it easier to stand the fruit on end. You should be able to tell approximately where the pit is by finding the top ridge of the fruit and starting your first cut about a half inch from the ridge. Cut as close to the pit as you can without cutting into the pit. Do the same for the second cheek.

This will leave a ring of fruit around the outside edge of the pit, and there may be some along the pit you can shave off it you want. Carefully cut the ring of fruit off the outer edges of the pit.

Now, carefully slice in a grid pattern along the cheeks, trying not to cut through the skin. Then turn the skin inside out, which will separate the chunks (or wedges if you prefer), making them easy to pull off the skin. Use your fingers or the back of a spoon to separate the chunks from the skin. Enjoy!


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