I Ate This: Swiss Riverside Picnic

Ever so often weather permitting, the better half and me set out for a picnic at the picturesque riverbanks of river Aare in Switzerland, basking in the evening sun and enjoying a simple, traditional meal of bread, cured meat and cheese (sometimes with pickles, onions or olives on the side). The “cold platter” is a staple dish in every Swiss restaurant, showcasing regional produce without much ado – Swiss picnic is all about pure taste and great products.


Leaving work after five today, it was too sunny and lovely to go home and crash on the couch (of course that’s still a possibility for a later time because TV shows!), so we grabbed some of the finest Mostbröckli, an assortment of Gruyères / Emmentaler / Appenzeller / Tilsiter cheeses and traditional Zopf for a simple and yummie outdoor dinner. Sometimes less is more.

When’s the last time you enjoyed a spontaneous picnic somewhere out in the blue?

River Aare


6 thoughts on “I Ate This: Swiss Riverside Picnic

  1. One of my favorite meals ever was eaten up in the Alps outside of Innsbruck, Austria. We just grabbed stuff from the grocery store and ended up with almost exactly what you have here — some bread, some dried meat, some olives — and I will totally never forget sitting there nibbling on things looking at the world from so high up.

    Thanks for reminding me of that moment. 🙂

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