Eating While Gaming


Do you eat while you game? I must admit that I’m fascinated by people who can do both at the same time, because it’s something I’ve never been able to handle. At most, I can manage coffee or some sort or hot beverage, which is still usually coffee, one extra-large mug at a time. And sometimes even reaching for that during a long cut scene can be a challenge. So for me, if I get hungry while I’m playing, I have to pause or end the game, eat, and then go back to playing.  (I used to fall in line with those who ignored food entirely while gaming. After marathon sessions, despite the fuzzy vision and slight headache, I’d suddenly realize that my stomach was trying to eat itself. Ah, those were the days.) But I’ve seen people who can readily multitask with food while gaming, from grabbing handfuls of chips or popcorn to eating full meals with silverware, which is quite a sight to behold.

As I already alluded to, my gaming versus eating mindset arose mostly from lack of coordination – I simply can’t throw dragon punches while I’m reaching for some pretzels. But I’m also not a fan of having my food meet my electronics. Sticky controllers and greasy keyboards don’t make for the best gaming apparatus.  That said, I don’t go around cloroxing my controllers and such to death, and I don’t demand that guest players scrub up a la doctors getting ready for surgery prior to gaming, but a little bit of cleanliness goes a long way when it comes to having fun with your favorite games.  That’s just how things are in my house.  Yours may be completely different. So it’s out of curiosity and science that I’m posting a little poll here about gaming and eating habits.

Where do you fall on the eat-and-game spectrum? Are you in the “never the twain shall meet” camp when it comes to gaming and your meals/snacks? Do you keep a snack stash within reach every time you play? Or do you possess the magical ability to have your steak, mashed potatoes, and cake and play your games too? Vote in the poll below, and then offer up your favorite foods to have while gaming in the comments!

Let’s see just how many blogs Cary can put on her roster before going mad! While you’ll find her here on occasion, you’ll more likely to catch her over on United We Game or Geek Force Network; or better yet, working on her own blog about gaming and nostalgia and such, Recollections of Play.



8 thoughts on “Eating While Gaming

  1. I had ants invade the desk my laptop was on, when I was in college, giving nary a thought to munching down pizza in one hand while griming up the keyboard/mouse with the other. That rather scared me off mixing the two after that.

    Since the blissful ignorance of youth, I’ve drawn a disciplined line between “no food at the highly expensive computer + peripherals” and “eating at the dining table.” This is also because I know how clumsy I can be and how much of an absolute pain cleaning crumbs or coffee/tea after the fact would be… double if pests like ants or roaches are attracted too.

    To top it off, a year ago or so, I fried my precious Logitech keyboard by accidentally showering it with a small mouthful of water, which seeped into the membrane and short circuited stuff. So now, -everything- is banned from the computer table. Water is now on the side table and drunk far away from the keyboard…

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    • Isn’t it funny (though not really) how little it takes to damage some of today’s electronics? Like that little bit of water that got on your keyboard — you’d think the thing would be able to survive something like that.

      I think encounters with ants are enough to make anyone think twice about their habits. They are just the worst! Stuff like that just doesn’t seep in as a kid. It’s not until you have to clean up your own mess that you realize change is needed. I’d keep all my food and electronics far away from each other after that, for sure!


    • Yeah, those stretches of time where you’re not actually doing anything can be great when you’re starving. I’m guilty of leaving altogether to grab food when cut scenes happen, which is bad because when I come back, I realize I don’t know what’s going on!


  2. I keep tech and food separate too. I’m not going to eat anything greasy or sticky or liable to make crumbs while using a PC, so pretty much all snacks and finger food are out.

    I guess there are theoretically foods that I would consider eating, bite-sized things that can be eaten with cutlery and with not much risk of making a mess. Sushi for example maybe. But in practice that never arises.

    As I mentioned of Liore’s blog, playing MMOs probably made me slimmer, because it replaced some TV watching or reading, and I do sometimes snack while doing those. Actually a heavy reading session with a nice supply of nibbles is one of my favorite things.

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    • I like to have something nearby too when I’m reading — time tends to fly when you get into a really good book, and before you know it, the day is over!

      I really can’t fathom someone eating sushi while gaming. Just the thought of me trying do to it conjures up images of flying soy sauce and wasabi accidents! But I see your point in that it’s a contained food, so maybe it wouldn’t be a bad choice.


      • I was trying to imagine what I might be ok with eating while gaming, I don’t actually ever do it.

        The closest equivalent I could imagine was eating while working on a PC, which is something I’ve occasionally done. If you have the desk space then eating things like a pasta salad or a small box of sushi is workable. I don’t really like to do that either if I can avoid it, but if you’re pressed for time it’s an option.

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