A full Fridge says more than a Thousand Words. Or: Your Food Essentials.

About once a week I go grocery shopping for essentials and foods that spoil easily, like fruit and veg. There are times when I am a good kid and ate all my greenery and times when I shop with all the best intentions but end up throwing some of it away. Alas. Winter is a time for less spoily food and since I’m generally a summer fruit person (berries yay!), winter veggies and the odd pear are all I’ll get (I try to buy seasonal). The second half of the year is all about comfort food around here, potatoes and cheese, sausages and soup, roasts and quiche. And of course wine.

Fridges around the world tell a thousand stories about people – where they come from, how they live. No fridge or pantry is the same. No matter where you go on holidays, it’s exciting to browse foreign food and get to know (and get grossed out over) eating habits.

Our fridge right after grocery haul.

Our fridge right after grocery haul.

My weekly grocery haul

My food essentials are more or less the same every week. There will be different yoghurts (chocolate and coffee pour moi!), real awesome butter and cream, eggs, different cheeses (hard, soft, mozzarella, cottage cheese, Fondue), pickles (for Fondue), bacon (strips or diced), potatoes (usually for Fondue), milk and O-juice which I need to wake up in the morning. The odd fruit will roll around and make a mess, maybe some salad, avocado, olives and sausages. Sometimes there is peanut butter. I love the creamy kind.

Of course I also keep sauces (mayo, mustard, Sriracha etc.) and chutneys (Branston!) in the fridge but they keep a long time. I love me my sauces.

Dry stuff and storage

We don’t buy bread most of the time but I like Swedish dry breads to put things on. When you stop eating much bread, you realize how much you miss having a “base to carry stuff on”. Ever since we got our own bread-maker, we try making our own bread on demand (we used to throw away so much bread or eat too much of it anyway). There’s no pantry or storage room of any kind except for a shelf or two where we keep canned beans, pellati and tuna, as well as some dry pasta and wild rice. There’s two ceramic pots with garlic and onions which we use up pretty fast (anything needs garlic and onion!).

All pretty standard and plain. If you want to eat a real meal, you’ll have to cook it from scratch and plan ahead. There is chocolate of course (in case you were wondering) but sweets of any kind are a rare treat in my home, not a staple. Also, Lindt chocolate never makes it past the next day.

The freezer

We don’t have a freezer worth mentioning except for an integrated shelf inside the fridge. What’s usually in there are ice cubes (duh) and Parmesan which keeps forever that way. If I’m feeling very adventurous, there will be a cup of Ben&Jerry’s icecream or pizza for emergencies and bad hair days.

Show off your fridge!

What food goes into your fridge every week and what do you always keep on stock?
What secrets does a freshly stuffed fridge tell the world about you?


4 thoughts on “A full Fridge says more than a Thousand Words. Or: Your Food Essentials.

  1. I go to the grocery store almost every day on my way home from work, so often my fridge is all about longer term stuff that you add to the fundamentals. (In the spring and summer I’m all about farmer’s markets too.)

    Things you can always find in my fridge include: pre-washed salad mix, lemon juice, tomato paste, Renee’s Mighty Caesar dressing (good on everything), cream for my coffee, homemade kimchi, and like 4 different types of pickled things.

    The freezer always has a bag of frozen mixed veggies (also good in everything) and freezer jams. Um, and vodka.

    The cupboard is basically for the billion different types of oils and vinegars. (Occasionally I judge foodies by how many different types of vinegars they have in their possession.) Oh, and also like 3 boxes of spaghettini with a tiny bit left that I should have used and thrown out before opening a new box.


  2. It’s interesting you post this now! I just stumbled across a project by photographer Peter Menzel yesterday, called Hungry Planet: What the World Eats, and he’s got a great photo gallery of a week’s groceries from people all over the planet.




  3. Some of our weekly staples include milk, OJ, eggs, coffee stuffs, fresh fruit and veggies (whatever is on that week) cheeses of all sorts, veggie burgers, chicken, tortillas, salsa, and tea. Well…the tea doesn’t go into the fridge until it is brewed and sweetened!


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