Super Secret Family Won-Tons

I must note before I start that this recipe is a family “secret” and when I tried to procure the ingredient list from my Mother the conversation went something like this:

Me: “What do you use to make this, Mom?”
Mom: “It’s a secret.”
Me: “C’mon Mom, you can tell me!”
Mom: “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.”

Serious business. She seemed like she meant it. Thankfully she doesn’t run in the same Internet circles, so I should be safe 😉

Honestly, it’s a rather simple recipe, it’s just time consuming. Figuring out the ingredients took place over the many years that I helped with parts of the preparation, but my family has always loved these tasty bite-sized morsels. I corroborated with my sister to make sure the ingredients were correct, and we started cooking it on our own when we became adults. So without further ado, here’s my family’s “Super Secret Won-Tons:”



Vegetable Oil. I don’t have an exact measurement, you’ll just need about half a bottle this size, enough for frying.


You’ll need 4-6 eggs for a “wash”


WonTons aren’t themselves without wrappers. Otherwise this would be rather messy to eat. 1 package is enough.


One bunch of green onion will do.


2 packages of  your favorite cream cheese brand, the brick style works best.


Everything is better with Bacon!!! 1 package is required.


Remove Bacon from packaging and cut into small bits (think bacon bits size). Cook in frying pan until done to your preference, though I’d recommend not too crispy.

Dice green onion while the bacon cooks.

Crack 4-6 eggs into a bowl. Whip until the liquid is a consistent yellow color.

Pour half a bottle of vegetable oil into a frying pan (dependent on size, you want about an inch to 1.5 inch depth), start on very low heat.

When bacon is cooked, drain. Return to pan. Add both packages of cream cheese and green onion, return to a medium heat. When cream cheese softens sufficiently, mix the ingredients together thoroughly. When mixed and a softer consistency, remove from heat. During this process, turn heat up on oil to get it ready for frying.

Open WonTon wrapper packaging, and drag one side across the surface of your eggs. Flip and repeat. This will coat the wrapper in egg. Lay on a platter. Repeat until the platter is covered with egg-coated wrappers. Spoon the cream cheese mixture onto each wrapper. Amount can vary, it’s not an exact science, but leave room to fold the corners to the middle, creating a pocket of cheese/bacon/onion goodness.  When you have a sufficient amount and the oil is prepared, drop 5-10 WonTons into the oil. Fry each til golden brown, flipping when necessary. Set on a paper towel covered plate to cool. Continue this process until the cream cheese mixture is depleted. I will often need more than one plate, so when one plate has a mound, I will place it in the microwave/oven to stay warm.

Side dishes can include stir fried rice, noodles, or vegetables. A combination of any of those are usually what I do. You can also save a portion of the cream cheese mix to add to rice, and crack a fresh egg in the center after frying for a bit. Adds a good flavor.

I’m not used to writing recipes, so if you have any questions about this, feel free to ask in the comments.